Thanh's Poly-Ringtone page ! 







Here are polyphonic ringtones which i downloaded from various locations.  Listen to them by clicking the "" icon and find your favourite!* Note it's filename, and then access it via WAP by<filename>

After a short while your phone displays "Ringing tone received" and you can chose to playback, save or discard. The actual download happens automatically!

*You need to have some sort of Media Player installed, such as Windows Media Player or Realplayer in order to use the "listen" function. Right-clicking that icon and selecting "save target as" enables you to download the file to your computer!

*Some of the file names contain both upper- and lowercase letters as well as numbers. Be aware of that when downloading, only correctly entered adresses/names guarantee the successfull download!

This site is yet in experimental state! I have not enough memory in my phone (6610) to test them all, but they should all work fine. Some may be formatted for use with a 7650, if you find that a ringtone doesn't work, please let me know HERE. I will remove that link then. Thank you for participation!


It wasn't me                  itwasntme.mid                   (6.98 kb)           

Boombastic                   boombastic.mid                 (6.98 kb)  

Hello                         hello.mid                              (6.99 kb)  

It's my life                  itsmylife.mid                        (6.99 kb)  

Dilemma                        dilemma.mid                        (6.99 kb)  

Closet                            closet.mid                            (6.98 kb)  

Everybody                          everybody.mid                    (6.98 kb)  

Roxanne                       roxanne.mid                        (6.98 kb)  

Airwolf Theme            airwolf.mid                          (6.14 kb)  

Nelly ride...                 nelly-ride-with-me.mid       (2.16 kb)  

South Park                  south-park.mid                   (5.53 kb)  

The Simpsons               simpsons.mid                     (10.6 kb)  

Mama Mia                        mamamia.mid                     (9.20 kb)  

Under Pressure           under-pressure.mid           (9.12 kb)  

All that she wants   atswants.mid                     (6.19 kb)  

White Wedding         whitewed.mid                     (6.58 kb)  

Max don't have...      max.mid                              (4.33 kb)  

Die another day         die.mid                                (7.12 kb)  

Parus (?)                            parus.mid                           (6.76 kb)  

Acceleration (Nokia)   acceleration.mid              (5.56 kb)  

Nocturne                         nocturne.mid                    (3.20 kb)  

Austin Powers               austinpowers.mid            (3.90 kb)  

Gay Bar                        gaybar.mid                        (3.43 kb)  

Nour El Ein                         nour-el-ein.mid                 (7.29 kb)  

Darkness                              darkness.mid                   (4.82 kb)  

Feeder                                     feeder.mid                        (2.94 kb)  

King Of The Hill            king.mid                            (5.35 kb)  

Better Off Alone           BetterOffAlone.mid         (1.99 kb)  

Boom Funk                         BomFunk2.mid                 (2.14 kb)  

Butterfly                               Butterfly.mid                     (3.58 kb)  

Don't Say                             DontSay.mid                      (3.79 kb)  

Message (SMS tone)           Message.mid                     (0.12 kb)  

Itchy And Scratchy itchyandscratchy.mid      (0.65 kb)  

Old phone ring            oldphone.mid                     (5.59 kb)  

HTF (?)                                     htf_ringtone.mid                (2.17 kb)  

New selection: You have lost, deleted or whatever your ORIGINAL poly-tones and want them back? Easy! Click HERE to get them :)