Guys, i have a problem: Since i opted to make JAVA games available, this website has almost daily "Exceeded it's hourly bandwidth limit" and has been taken offline by Tripod.

Also "Piracy" is a growing issue, as i do not wish to host any WAREZ on my site. I will need to seek the developer's agreement to make certain games available before i can do so.

To be sure that you STILL can get your wallpapers, which are the MAIN purpose of this website, i had to suspend downloading of games. However, they will be back once i found a solution to these problems. Untill then, please be patient, and check out the LINKS which also offer free games downloads, and enjoy my free wallpapers and polyphonic ringtones.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kind regards....

Thanh, July 7th

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