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On this page you find links to other sites where you can download, either direct by WAP or by computer, FREE wallpaper images, polyphonic ringtones and JAVA games for your mobile phone.

All links in this site provide you with truly FREE stuff, no hidden costs such as dialing an expensive number, having to buy "credits" or needing a credit card number. Everything here is FREE.

If YOU have a site which offers FREE downloads of mobile phone stuff such as wallpapers, games and ringtones, you do it true FREE and have no WAREZ, send me the adress and, if available, a banner HERE and i will post it on this page.

Now check out what i have for you:

TONS of free JAVA games!

AIVA DREAM  Games and apps for 7650 and 3650!!


Also games and wallpapers, everything truly FREE! I got my own logo from him!! He also operates a WAP site.


Wallpapers, ringtones and Operator logos for FREE!

Lots of excellent FREE polyphonics, downloadable by WAP!

ITALIAN site, offers free polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers and  logos!

  Plenty of Wallpapers, and also ringtones and games!

MSN group for games etc.....

Yahoo Group for Nokia stuff...

Free games and more.....

  Nokia World.... free games!

  Ringtones and more for FREE!

  Poly ringtones, logos, wallpapers - FREE downloads!

YOUR link comes here...