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This little project is for people like myself, who have been left out by NOKIA in means of the availability of a data cable.... Now you can easily get a PERSONAL wallpaper, or background image, for your NOKIA series 40 colour screen mobile phone. All the pictures available in the gallery are formatted in a size 128x128 pixels and fit onto the screens of the NOKIA models 3100, 5100, 6100, 6108, 6610, 6650, 6800, 7210, 7250 and 7250i with surely more to come.

There are also polyphonic ringtones available to download, and JAVA games to run on the above mentioned phones.

How does it work? To download any of the content in this website to your phone, you need to have WAP enabled, either over GPRS or by dialup. Simply browse this website on your computer, find a content that you like, and note it's filename. Say, you want a wallpaper and you prefer the picture "test.jpg". Then you start a WAP session on your phone and go to the URL

and after a short while, you will see "image received" on the phone's screen. The download happens automatically! Then you go to "options" and "save". The picture sits now in your phone's gallery and can from there be set as wallpaper. The same goes for ringtones and JAVA games.

You want a PERSONAL wallpaper? I offer this service for FREE !!! How does it work? Easy!

You pick a photo from your computer and send it to me at the "Submit" page. I will then resize and format that photo to the size 128x128 and upload it to the gallery, from where you can download it as any other.

Please do not expect miracles from me, as i am doing this project as a hobby and to help people, and i am doing it in my freetime, so there might be a delay of a few days between you sending me a photo and it being available for downloading here.

Why do i do this? I love NOKIA phones, i had several of them, and right now i am happy with a 6610. My boyfriend uses a 7250. NOKIA phones are the best, no doubt. But the service of the NOKIA company is very bad. As i live in Thailand, and NOKIA being market leader here, yet they simply REFUSE to import the data cables to use with their Pop-Port phones. In the advertisements they say "the new, revolutionary Pop-Port makes it easier than ever to connect your mobile phone to a computer, back up it's data, upload and download ringing tones and content such as JAVA games or applications..." Yet, having looked for such a cable, i had to hear the following (quote from the manager of an authorized NOKIA shop): "If you want to upplad stuff to the phone, either get some IrDA on your computer or travel to Malaysia or another neighbouring country and get the cable there, we don't import them and we won't do it in the future..!" In my opinion, this SUCKS. Having to buy a third-party IrDA adaptor cost a heck of money, does not work with all applications and also is not supported by all operating systems. And naturally, desktop computers come without IrDA. And what the hell is the Pop-Port for? Only to connect a handsfree??? How about users of cam-phones like the 7250.... they also want to get the pictures onto a computer........ NOKIA misses some serious business here.

Well, i hope my little free service is of help for you... Have fun with it, it is free and will be free for ever, i guarantee that.

Disclaimer: This website is hosted for FREE by TRIPOD. Therefor, all services offered by ME (Thanh) on this site will be FREE as well. I do NOT engage in software piracy of any kind. I will NOT host copies of games or ringtones which are not FREEWARE or DEMO VERSIONS. PICTURES sent to me in order to publish/to be made available as personal wallpaper will be considered PUBLIC DOMAIN after being converted to 128x128 pixels in size and stored on in order to make them available for ANY person to view, download via web browser and/or download via WAP. Pictures sent to me will NOT be saved in any other place inclusive my own personal computer, a copy of them will be kept on a ZIP disk in order to have a backup of the entire website should it be made unavailable by either third party, webhost, disaster or electronic attack. NONE of the pictures will be futher processed, saved or used by myself for personal matters, advertisement or business of any kind.