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New games uploaded July 1st, 2003 !

Here are a few JAVA games for you. Each of them is TESTED on a 6610 and a 7250. The ones stated "Original NOKIA" are offered by Nokia for free download, but only for certain phones. But they run on all series 40-phones! They are accessable by WAP under


When you access the file by this way, it takes a while because the files are quite big. After they are downloaded (you see the download happening when you look at the spinning globe icon in the right upper corner of your display) the phone displays the name of the game and offers you "dnload". Click it. It then immediately tells you "saved to applications" and asks you "open application now?" Select "no" and quit the WAP session first. The game can now be found under "Applications". Have fun with them!

Note: be carefull not to miss-spell the file names. Upper- and lower case letters, dashes and underscores are used in the file names!

Moto GP (got no sound!)              MotoGP_N7210.jar             (62 KB)

Racing Fever (nice game)    RacingFever7210.jar         (44 KB)

Red and Blue (addictive!)     RedBlue.jar                         (50 KB)

Bounce (original Nokia)              Bounce-en.jar                     (57 KB)

Triple Pop (original Nokia)      Tpop_en.jar                         (36 KB)

Bricks  (Tetris, no sound)            Bricks.jar                                          (16 KB)

Clicks  (Simple and nice game)   Clicks.jar                                          (16 KB)

Tetris  (Sideward! like t20)           htetris.jar                                         (26 KB)

Solitaire  (black/white)               Solitaire.jar                                    (28 KB)

Snake   (The "Snapp" variant)     snapp.jar                                  (29 KB)

Snake II   (nice version!)            snake.jar                                          (28 KB)

Charlie's Angels  (Demo!)  charlieangel.jar                               (61 KB)

The following are taken from original source www.hotmanolo.tk                                                  Back to top

Bricks Mix   (Tetris-style)       BricksMix7210.jar                     (39 KB)

Pinball   (well... Pinball)                EvilDeadPinball.jar                   (59 KB)

C2S-Bowling   (GOOD game!) C2S_Bowling.jar                          (36 KB)

Space Impact 3   (TOP!)      SpaceImpactIII.jar                    (62 KB)

Cave Man   (X-Mas edition)       CavemanX-mas.jar                     (56 KB)

Dragon Island   (cute j'n'r)    dragonisland.jar                          (64 KB)

Fallen Angel   (jump 'n' run)   fallenangel.jar                          (31 KB)

Moon Taxi   (jump 'n' run)         MoonTaxi.jar                                 (35 KB)

Snowboard   (TOP graphics!)  Snowboard.jar                              (62 KB)

Sky Raider-J   (shooting)         SkyRaider-J.jar                             (55 KB)

Rich Man   (board game)           richman.jar                                      (62 KB)

Flintstones  (labyrinth, cute)  flintstones.jar                             (64 KB)

The following are taken from original source www.adsy.net/mobile/ with permit from the webmaster!    Back to top

These are NOT tested by myself! Therefor only the file names and the sizes are listed here.

5Goldminer.jar                                        (47 KB)

ACO_MonsterLand_h.jar                        (51 KB)

Air_Gunner.jar                                        (24 KB)

AlphaMania7210.jar                                (47 KB)

basquet.jar                                               (10 KB)

BattleBots.jar                                           (19 KB)

Big2Garden.jar                                        (62 KB)

BumbleBeez.jar                                        (44 KB)

CannonBalls7210.jar                                (51 KB)

CannonBlocks7210.jar                             (50 KB)

Cannons.jar                                             (55 KB)

carracer.jar                                              (34 KB)

caveman7210.jar                                      (40 KB)

Checkers.jar                                             (38 KB)

ChessPuzzle.jar                                        (43 KB)

ChopperRescue_N7210.jar                       (41 KB)

CombatJetAttack.jar                                (46 KB)

crazygems.jar                                            (55 KB)

Darts.jar                                                    (30 KB)

defender.jar                                               (48 KB)

deltabomber.jar                                         (64 KB)

detonate.jar                                               (49 KB)

DopeWars.jar                                            (16 KB)

DrBok.jar                                                  (41 KB)

DrivingGoGo.jar                                       (55 KB)

DwindleNokia.jar                                      (28 KB)

electric.jar                                                 (29 KB)

FruityMatch.jar                                         (19 KB)

GemGame.jar                                            (31 KB)

ghost.jar                                                    (42 KB)

Gorgy.jar                                                   (21 KB)

HokeyPokey.jar                                         (57 KB)

HotShot.jar                                                (62 KB)

IceAge.jar                                                  (45 KB)

iTanx.jar                                                    (64 KB)

jewels.jar                                                    (38 KB)

LightCycle.jar                                            (26 KB)

Mahjong13.jar                                           (63 KB)

MDoom.jar                                                (20 KB)

MikisWorld1.jar                                         (61 KB)

Mines.jar                                                    (28 KB)

msf.jar (Micro Streetfighter)                       (35 KB)

mtype.jar                                                    (25 KB)

OilRig.jar                                                   (49 KB)

PhotoPuzzle.jar                                          (36 KB)

PickNShoot7210.jar                                    (52 KB)

pingpong.jar                                               (50 KB)

PlayMate.jar                                               (33 KB)

Pman.jar   (Pac Man)                                  (15 KB)

PushBack.jar                                               (12 KB)

PuzzleBobble.jar                                         (48 KB)

RedHerring.jar                                            (39 KB)

Rotobotix.jar                                              (43 KB)

seabomb.jar                                                (29 KB)

skiing.jar                                                     (20 KB)

skydiver.jar                                                 (49 KB)

Snakies7210.jar                                           (43 KB)

SnoPro.jar                                                   (64 KB)

SpaceEncounter.jar                                      (60 KB)

SpruceCheckers.jar                                      (22 KB)

SpruceTennis.jar                                          (13 KB)

star_e.jar                                                      (43 KB)

starx.jar                                                        (54 KB)

StrangeMazeG.jar                                         (31 KB)

SummerGames.jar                                        (60 KB)            (tested! Works fine.....)

Swarm.jar                                                     (19 KB)

tennisS40.jar                                                 (14 KB)

turtles.jar                                                      (55 KB)

Wien.jar                                                        (28 KB)

Wiggles.jar                                                    (10 KB)

wracer.jar                                                      (50 KB)

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The following files are small and simple games which are originally NOT designed for Nokia's series 40 platform, but they run on those phones and can be played. I have personally tested each of them on a Nokia 7250. All of them have NO SOUND and partly simple graphics.


Adventurer   (jump 'n 'run)        AdvNokia7210.jar                   (61 KB)

Bowling   (well, bowling)            Bowling.jar                               (24 KB)

Bricks   (old Arcade game)          brickcc.jar                                        (59 KB)

City Race   (Black 'n' White!)    CityRace.jar                              (22 KB)

Fiver   (kind of TicTacToe)         Fiver.jar                                               (13 KB)

PacMan   (runs extreme fast!)   midpman.jar                                     (22 KB)

Road Pizza   (cute game...)      RoadPizza_N.jar                            (22 KB)

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